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© 2017 IKKI Films / Manuel Cam Studio Photo: 2017 IKKI Films / Manuel Cam Studio

Special Archive
(2017-2018: Animated Short Films)
Negative Spaces
Animation Division Excellence Award-winner
[Japan / United States]
Animated short film
Video Work
The story is about the interactions through bags between a father who travels frequently and his son. The puzzle of how ef ciently belongings can be packed into the small space of a suitcase becomes an intimate form of communication between a father and son who are often separated by distances. The young boy becomes an adult and recalls these memories. KUWAHATA Ru and Max PORTER work together as “Tiny Inventions” with bases in America and Europe. This stop-motion work using puppets was produced together with Ikki Films, a French production company, and Manuel Cam Studio. Adapted from a prose poem by Ron Koertge, an American poet and novelist, the work is also based on KUWAHATA’s own memories of her father, who traveled frequently due to his work as a pilot. This resulted in a story full of a resonance and lyricism that will touch viewers of all ages and draw out memories of one’s own relationships with parents and children.

© 2017 IKKI Films / Manuel Cam Studio