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Special Archive
(2019-2020: Audiovisual Works/Animated Short Films)
Elephant in the bath house
CHENG Jialin
Animation Division New Face Award-winner
Animated short film
Video Work
The work, depicted in a monologue format, is about a black elephant that a little girl encounters at a bathhouse. The scene is set at a workers’ bathhouse located in a corner of a town full of factories in China in the late 1990s. One day, the girl visits the bathhouse with her mother as they do every day and encounters the black elephant as small as an ant. Since then, every time she visits there, the elephant appears in front of her, growing slightly bigger than the previous time. As time passes, the elephant grows larger and larger, while the buildings and factories in her town are town down, and, in the end, the bathhouse, too, is shut down. With hand-drawing-like, rough lines and colorful but gentle and light tones, the film conveys the nostalgic atmosphere of the bathhouse from the recent past with the vagueness of a black elephant.