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Special Archive
(2019-2020: Audiovisual Works/Animated Short Films)
Entertainment Division U-18 Award-winner
Video work
Video Work
A film directed by the creative art group goen° as part of the Let’s Make Art with Children of Ishinomaki project. It centers on nine children from Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture. Based on the notion that for the very reason that we experience loss in a disaster, we should be able to create new things again, the crew filmed pictures and 3D objects that the children created to express their dreams and ideals, which were then used to create animations and other productions. The film is accompanied by a song entitled Mahou (“Magic”), composed by KOBAYASHI Takeshi and Salyu. Multiple workshops, field studies, and discussions were held, from which the film captures and expresses the children’s true, authentic words. This project was exhibited at the Reborn-Art Festival 2019 alongside the paintings and 3D objects used in it, as well as a larger artwork created by the children.