2020.9.26 Sat 16:00 Start

L: ©︎ Kei Itoi / Le Paradis / Hakusensha

Talks and Interviews of the Award Winners
Manga Division Award Winner Talk
"Fresh Hypothermic Wind That Moves Our Hearts: "Flower and Cheek" by ITOI Kei and "There is no other." by WAYAMA Yama"
ITOI Kei (Manga Division New Face Award-winner "hana to hoho (Flower and Cheek)")
WAYAMA Yama (Manga Division New Face Award-winner "There is no other.")

NISHI Keiko (Juror of Manga Division / Manga Artist)
KAWAHARA Kazuko (Juror of Manga Division / Manga Essayist)

Duration: About 60 minutes
Live Streaming Date and Time: Saturday, September 26, 2020, 16:00