2020.9.19 Sat 10:00 Start
Special Archive
(2019-2020: Audiovisual Works/Animated Short Films)
Wandering mouse
Animation Division New Face Award-winner
Animated short film
Video Work
An animated film that depicts a lone mouse, wandering without purpose or destination. After Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market was moved to Toyosu, an estimated 10,000 rats lost their home. That event deeply affected this animator, already adept at drawing mice after previously creating animation featuring mice as characters, and inspired him to make a film about the meandering of a mouse that has nowhere to go. This film was created by projecting animation onto streetscapes and simultaneously filming the projected images using projectors and cameras mounted on a moving cart. Additionally, an application was developed to make the mouse randomly jump or fall over, enabling the creators to control the animation by adjusting it to match the actual background onto which the images are filmed.